Prose Poems for Surviving Corona Crisis

Artists describe the world in their words. Today the New York poet Willa Carroll who uses a variety of media to express herself.


by Willa Carroll

Guard the porch | of my mouth | old spit factory | curtain the bird of my tongue | swaddle the moon | rename the sun | VIP of the galaxy | pull milk | from heavy fruits | from white dwarf stars | sheltering in space | glitter harbingers | degenerate remnant planets | invisible in our cities | oh glistening targets | fragile mammals | account for your apertures | moist portals | open to overtures | eyes issuing rivers | oh most desirable host | sheltering in place | shake that long face | shake it shake it | like a petroleum gull | request a fresh suit | for human rain | chemical plumes | toxic motes | oh don’t call me | wrecked nest

Willa Carroll works on corona related projects incorporating short prose poems, photographs and video.


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Willa Carroll is the author of Nerve Chorus, one of Entropy Magazine’s Best Poetry Books of 2018. Her poems have appeared in AGNI, Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal, Narrative, Tin House, The Slowdown, and elsewhere. She was the winner of Narrative Magazine’s Third Annual Poetry Contest and Tupelo Quarterly’s TQ7 Poetry Prize. Her poetry videos and multimedia pieces have been featured in Narrative Outloud, Interim Poetics, and Writers Resist. She lives in New York City. You can reach her on her website

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All artworks Courtesy of Willa Carroll.