Corona In The City – online exposition

The online exhibition Corona in the City will be on show from mid-May. Submissions can be entered from 30 April. Corona in the city is part of the project Collecting the City, in which the Amsterdam Museum works with, among others, the OBA public library, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam City Archives, Tropenmuseum, Storytellingcentre and the Municipality of Amsterdam to gather stories from the city’s inhabitants as a gift for the 750th anniversary of the city. The exhibition is supported by the Amsterdam City Circle and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

Corona in the City focuses on everyday stories and experiences.

All inhabitants, visitors and fans of Amsterdam can share a written story, photograph, GIF, video, audio fragment or other expression about aspects of the corona crisis in the city with the Amsterdam Museum. These can be anecdotes, memories, dreams, future, hopes, reflections or other messages regarding corona and this historic period of crisis, selfisolation and resilience in the city.

The Amsterdam Museum creates a digital exhibition on corona times together with the city.

Margriet Schavemaker, artistic director of the Amsterdam Museum, describes the aims of this digital exhibition: “As a museum, we specialize in collecting and presenting cultural heritage that relates to the past, present and future of Amsterdam and the Amsterdammers. Amsterdam has entered the corona age, a particularly gripping period in our history. You can feel it in all fibers of the city, it affects everyone. That is why we want to document this period now, so that we will be able to tell the story in times to come. We also hope that by bringing together personal stories of vulnerability, consolation, loneliness and solidarity, we can connect all of Amsterdam and its people.”

Connection of residents and partners online

The Amsterdam Museum aims to be the first museum in the Netherlands to connect residents in isolation
through this digital exhibition; offering highly needed contextualization and a historical perspective on this period of crisis while capturing this unique zeitgeist for the future.

“50 Zoom Portraits” painted by Amsterdam fashion artist Kay van Bellen.

“One and a half meter markings” is a project by Frank Schallmaier who collected signs and drawings all over Amsterdam.

“Corona fashion” in a Keizergracht window by Peter Schrijnders.

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All pictures Courtesy of the artists and contributors.

The collection can be accessed here

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