C7: Reinout Bussemaker: “I hope Europe will unite more”

What surprises you in the crisis?

What surprises me the most is that it shows us how global our ‘human world’ has become. And in trying to control it or solve it we resort to very national local solutions. There is a lot of distrust and sometimes even blame on other nations. There is an immediate protective reflex. Which tells me we are not at all ready for globalization. All world leaders are busy with power control and/or next elections. 

What helps you not to go crazy in the lockdown?

Meditation and reflexion help me to not go crazy. Doing simple practical things help me. Painting the house, the garden.

Which series/ which book/ which film helps you through the crisis?

Nature documentaries give me great pleasure. (Planet Earth, The Frozen Planet etc). And we try to pick great films from different genres from the last twenty years or so. Everybody gets to choose. And we watch them together. There is a book called „Grand Hotel Europa” which I’m reading now by a dutch writer named Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer.  It’s about the loss of the European influence in the world. Very interesting.

What scares you?

I get scared when I hear or see Xi Jinping or Trump or Putin boosting about how they have control of everything and are going to make their countries even more great. And in Holland it scares me that the arts are considered the last in line to be saved in this crisis. In Holland business and jobs are all that counts.

What gives you hope?

What gives me hope is that we have an opportunity now to make some fundamental changes concerning pollution, environment and equality etc.

The world 2021

2021 will be a very careful year. Hopefully less commuting, less flying and less consuming. But also we will see a lot of desperate people/countries who have no work and no money. I hope Europe will unite more.

What have you personally learned from this crisis?

I’m still learning. But it’s all about being happy and content with yourself and your family and friends. Gratitude for the simple things!!