C7: Kosit Juntaratip “Human more dangerous than the virus”

“C7” is what we call our Corona questionnaire, which artists, media people, acquaintances and unknowns fill out to describe their path through the crisis. These are the answers from Kosit Juntaratip, Artist and Lecturer at Chiangmai University. Kosit also provided the beautiful Kiss Logo.

1937 Hygiene measures actors in Hollywood wearing masks when kissing a film partner in order to prevent infection by flu viruses.


(Photography Exhibition) by Kosit Juntaratip

2003 Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, Germany
2005 Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Bangkok, Thailand


What surprises you in the crisis?

First, the number of the deaths. Secondly, the human side of thought. Thirdly, politics covers too much on the solution of all situation from small subdivision through world organization, government and international politic relationship. From this we need to thinking more that we are one and good cooperation.

What helps you not to go crazy in the lockdown?

To create art messages to people all around the world for an online and offline mode. I believe that art is a dialogue of critical thinking and visualizing the imagination of human kind to be there and move forward.

Which series/ which book/ which film helps you through the crisis?

Any kind of each person favorite contents. On my side, I searching about more of learning something that I never known before through the internet. But if it gonna be in this crisis time; Book, I read Siddhartha, a novel by Hermann Hesse (Thai Translations). About the series I took a documentary from Netflix (Historical and science), some Thai and Chinese Series. About Film, I have not plan yet. 

What scares you?

Human never stop and increase more consumption (After I stay at home, I recognized that I do too much garbages)

What gives you hope?

Trust in each others and Take more responsibilities. Give more than a Take.

The world 2021

We will or we must will to have our own realization on what happened to this ground that we are in touch with.

Human more dangerous than the virus if we do not change concept for next, we turn back like what we are before.

What have you personally learned from this crisis?

Learn to give more than to take. Human should respect more to nature and environment.