C7: In-Jung Jun: “How much I’m out of touch with the world”

What surprises you in the crisis?

How culturally different the reactions were. For example: when Corona started in Korea, people immediately wore masks. But if somebody wore a mask in Europe, people thought this person has the virus and reacted strangely.

What helps you not to go crazy in the lockdown?

I have access to a dance studio, because nobody is working right now. Also: the beautiful weather.

Which series/ which book/ which film helps you through the crisis?

I discovered Svend Brinkmann, a psychology professor from Denmark. HIs book: “The joy of missing out”.

What scares you?

I’m not scared. But it would be a pity if after Corona, we all just go back to how we lived before.

What gives you hope?

The many examples of solidarity and creativity.

The world 2021

We have learned from this crisis and change.

What have you personally learned from this crisis?

How much I’m out of touch with the world.

In-Jung Jun is a dancer and choreographer. She was born in Seoul, South Korea. After working with Jean-Claude Gallotta and Suzuki Tadashi in Shizuoka, Japan, In-Jung moved to Germany and worked with Rudolph Leonie and Vera Sander. She then started Blue Elephant Company. She has received several awards for her works, which were coproduced by Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, and other venues. Currently, In-Jung lives in Cologne and works in Germany and Korea.